General Tips

  • Find a central location for your modem
  • Do not place your modem on the ground
  • Move the modem away from wireless interference such as brick and cement walls, shelves, mirrors, cupboards, microwaves, tv, refrigerators
  • Consider connecting via Ethernet cable for fixed devices where possible
  • Keep your devices close to the modem to get better signal and speed
  • Wireless Interference can be caused by Wifi signals from other Networks or devices (like Bluetooth, Security Cameras, Microwave, Wireless Phones). Keep your modem away from such devices.
  • Connect your modem to 5GHz band 

    2.4GHz provides more range and coverage but at a lower speed.  Better at penetrating thick walls and objects

    5GHz less range and coverage provides higher speeds.  Less prone to interference.

  • Upgrade your modem if obsolete