A quick article explaining which plugin Infinite Networks in general uses to perform scheduled backups on Wordpress instances and how to set it up.


You will need;

  • Access to the websites Administrator account(s). 
  • to know how to log into Wordpress
  • to know how to install and activate a Wordpress plugin. 



Below are the steps in order for you to install and setup UpdraftPlus to backup your website.

1Log into Wordpress Admin Visit and log into your Website's Admin Dashboard
2Click Plugins > Add NewHover your cursor over Plugins > Add New;

3Search for “UpdraftPlus”Type “UpdraftPlus” in the Plugin search bar located at the type right.

4Click Install and then Activate on UpdraftPlus
The first option should look like below and you need to click Install, wait whilst it installs and then click the blue activate button soon after;

Click to Install Now

Wait til Installing… turns into Activate.

Click Activate

5Click Settings on the Plugin table screenOnce the plugin is activated it will redirect you to the plugins table and you will want to click “Settings” for the UpdraftPlus in order to configure it;

6Click Settings again within the UpdraftPlus menuClick Settings tab once you are in the UpdraftPlus settings;

7Change the ‘manual’ option to Daily

You will want to change the Files and Database frequency from “Manual” to a scheduled value. 

My recommendation is to set it to Daily with 7 ‘days’ of retention (how many you keep). 

Feel free to review the other settings and change them where you see fit but at a minimum, you should change the frequency away from Manual and scroll to the bottom to click Save. 

8DoneYour Backups are now scheduled. 

How to Restore Backups

At any time you can restore a back or a partial backup by click “restore” next to the backup under Existing Backups on the UpdraftPlugin page;

1Hover over Settings > Updraft Settings > Click Restore


This plugin is just a recommend plugin from Infinite Networks but it isn’t supported so any troubleshooting should be researched using UpdraftPlus’s vast knowledge base. 

You should always still take a cPanel backup as well or have a backup schedule for it because UpdraftPlus is only useful as long as Wordpress’s Admin Panel is available. 

Further Information

Below is a table of some further information related to this article;

UpdraftPlu's Support pagehttps://updraftplus.com/support/
Check out WP Beginner's Articles such as: https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/7-best-wordpress-backup-plugins-compared-pros-and-cons/