Along with other tasks - adding a new user to WordPress is the only a couple of minutes tasks and allows you to provide individual logins in order to accurately view changes and the history of those changes such as "Who Published what" and when. 

The pre-requisites to perform this task is;

  • Ability to log into a Wordpress site as an Administrator. 

How to add a new user to Wordpress

Below is a step-by-step guide to adding a new user.

#StepDescription / Example
1Visit the DomainOpen up your preferred browser and type in your website's URL and add /wp-admin/ to the end of it.


2Log into the WebsiteYou will be presented with a Wordpress branded login screen which will contain a username and a password text field.

Use the website's Administration login details.

3Click Users > Add NewOnce you are logged in - hover your mouse cursor over Users(1) on the left hand side menu, then click Add New(2);
4Complete mandatory fieldsYou then need to enter in the 'required' fields and any other fields that you find necessary;

Field - Username
This is required or mandatory and needs to be unique.

Field - Email 
This is a required or mandatory and needs to be unique. It can be used as the username when logging in.

Field - First Name
This is not required but it is highly recommended that this be accurate if a few users are planned to be added.
It also allows you to stylise the "Nickname" which means that Authors are full names and not usernames or email address.

Field - Last Name
Just like the First Name field - this isn't required but is recommended.

Field - website
Not required and would be personal preference as to whether it should be added.

Field - Language
Unless otherwise needed or necessary then this should remain as the Site Default.

Field - Password
This field will automatically be displayed and generated in order to encourage strong password being used. This field will be discussed a little further under distributing the password.

Field - Send User Notification
This field doesn't need to be checked as it would depend on how you plan on distributing the password. This will be discussed further below

5Distributing the passwordThere are a few ways that you are able to distribute the password to the user;

Set it and tell them (not recommended)
In the Password field, you can set your own password for the new user and use the strength meter to ensure that its a strong password.
You would manually either verbally or in a written format tell the user what the password is.

Tick Send User Notification
You can set the password as the default generation and ensure that the Send User Notification checkbox is checked. This will send the user an email that looks very similar to;

The user can then click the first link in order to set their own / change to a new password (changing the password is highly recommended).

The user initiates a forget my password process
This is very similar to the Send User Notification, but if you want the user to control when and how they set the password then this process is useful. As you have created the user account (after clicking save) - the user can visit the Wordpress login screen and click Forgot my password.

They then need to enter in either their username or associated email address to get Wordpress to generate the Forgot my password email. It looks similar to the following screen shot;
6CompletedThat's it!

You are done =D


Below is a table containing the issue along with a few solutions to try.

Didn't Recieve new user email- Often the email will come from wordpress@domain and as such will either get blocked entirely or be picked up in the SPAM/Junk Folder and you will need to allow it through.
- The website has not been setup/allowed to be send emails including not having an accurate SPF Record. You will need to fix that up prior to setting the user up. 

Still having trouble?

Feel free to create a ticket for our Support Team to assist you and include which step you are stuck on or as much information as possible.