This Cloud-based product provides an end-user with a dedicated number as their incoming and outgoing Fax Number without any Physical Infrastructure or Hardware. This means that you no longer need to have a big clunky fax machine and pay for an expensive telephone line for those rare times where you need to send a fax to someone or receive one. You can now create a document as a PDF, attach it to an email and send that email to a specific address and you have just sent fax! All without involving another machine that is taking up precious space in your office. 

Infinite Networks Fax to Email Plan

We offer a single plan for Fax to Email that is aimed for business that require a Fax Service in order to offer it as a communication method for their existing clients that want to send through document via fax. If you are are business to use Faxes extensively then please contact our Sales team at to organise a custom plan for your business. 


Monthly Cost

Inbound Fax Cost

Outbound Fax Cost

Fax to Email Lite$20.00Included15 cents per page

Frequently asked questions

1What happens to my existing fax number?You will need to request a Call Diversion from your current provider to Infinite Networks Temporary Number.
2Will my Customers still be able to send a fax to my advertised fax number?Yes after the Call Diversion has taken place.
3Which number appears when my customers receive fax?The reply-to number for the fax will be the unique dedicated number that Infinite Networks provides.
4Do I get to choose my dedicated number?No, but Infinite Networks always chooses an 02 Number
5Can anybody in my business send faxes via email?Email Addresses need to be authorized to be able to authenticate to then be able to use the gateway.
6How do I add an authorized email address?You can request an email address to be authorized by sending through the details to
7Which email or how many emails can receive the faxes inbound?Only 1 email address can be nominated as the inbound route. We strongly suggest getting an email group or forwarder setup so that can be forwarded to multiple email address.

How Do You Send A Fax via Email?


  • Have access to an email account that is an authorized or allowed email account on a Fax to Email Plan. 

^The screenshot will show Outlook being used but the service isn't limited to this specific version or email client. 

1Open your email client of choice.

e.g Apple Mail, G-Suite, Outlook, RoundCube

2Create a new Email

Figure 8


The example to the right shows everything that is needed to send a fax;

  • TO: This should be the fax number you want to send the fax to followed by ''
  • Subject: This isn't mandatory but we would recommend this as it will prevent any warnings along with the potential of searching for the email later. 
  • Body: Can be blank as it is optional. 
  • Attachments: The Fax you want to send must be attached and also must be a .pdf

Click Send.


How do you receive a fax via email? 


  • Has access to an email account that is either included in the Inbound Routing Email 'Forwarder' or is the fixed email address for the Inbound Routing.


Email addresses that are either the FIXED_EMAIL or are included in the nominated email forwarder will simply receive the fax into their email.  


The Email Look like this;