What is it?

  • A Basic Auth (Authentication) is the most simple but yet effective way to block a website, application or URL away from strangers.
  • It is a fantastic tool that Infinite user consistently on Staging or Sandbox websites to ensure that only people with the correct credentials can view the website.
  • The Basic Auth is then removed when the website or application is put into production. 
  • It also prevents Search Engines such as Google from scrapping and indexing the website. This means that your staging site isn't available on Google. 

  • A Basic Authentication is called upon from the Web Browser's so its appearance will differ from browser to browser but will always have the same fields (username, password). 









If you have clicked 'Cancel' and kept that session (tab or window) open - then attempted to log back in again then by default the message will be 401 Authorization Required or 'not authorized'Close all tabs or windows of the website and try again. 
Page is displaying either a "401 Authorization Required" or  "not authorized"text.Refresh your browser or simply visit the website again. This is a result of clicking 'cancel' on the basic auth form. 
The form just constantly refreshs and asks me for my username and password again. This means that you are either entering in an incorrect username or password.